Wallpaper Hanging
Make sure your scissors and knives are sharp and in good order.
I always use new blades and sharpen scissors before any job. Blunt blades will tear and rip the wallpaper causing extra cost and frustration.
Cut your paper to length prior to pasting, it will save time in the long run and also ensure you have enough paper to complete the job.

General Preparation
Always spend more time on preparation than actually painting. Preparation is the key to a brilliant finish and durability.

Paint and Materials
Always use good quality paint and materials. A quality paint will last longer, it will will have better opacity and generally be easier to use. Poor quality materials invariably lead to a less than a satisfactory result and are not a saving and it can result in the job having to be done again.

Again a quality materials will save money in the long run. Cheap tiles are not always an even thickness and some are not even square. This will invariable take longer to fix and can spoil the finished result.
Cheap adhesive may fail and grout can discolour.

Floor Tiling
If you are doing this yourself ensure your floor is flat and level!
Self levelling compound is readily available from good builder's merchants.

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